Energy Performance Certification

What is an EPC?

An EPC refers to an Energy Performance Certificate issued by an ‘On Construction Energy Assessor’ or a ‘Domestic Energy Assessor’, using SAP methodology and accredited software.

Any new dwelling, or dwellings created by conversion or change of use require a SAP Calculation to be carried out to ensure compliance. From this an EPC can be generated and will include information outlining the energy efficiency of that build and possible upgrades.

WM Diagnostics will use plans and drawings, these drawings do not need to be Architectural Drawings but will require to be to scale, together with information regarding the construction, heating and ventilation (and more) of the dwelling(s).

EPC for an Existing Dwelling

An EPC’s is also required for an existing dwelling if they are being sold or let.

A Domestic Energy Assessor will visit the property, and using RDSAP (Reduced Data SAP) methodology will create the EPC.

The two types of EPC (OCDEA/DEA) are technically the same, they both provide a visual image of the energy efficiency and energy costings of the dwelling. However due to the information required and time taken the rdSAP EPC is generally cheaper to produce but not acceptable for a new build.

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